Thursday, August 29, 2019

WWE Looking to Hire Back Enzo and Cass Oh God No

On their way back to WWE?
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Enzo Amore and Colin "Big Cass" Cassady have been free of WWE employment for over a year now. Amore was the first to go for not telling his bosses that he was being investigated for rape. It's telling they were more mad at him for not telling them he was being investigated than for the actual charges. Granted, the charges were dropped, but people who follow cases like these know that doesn't mean he's innocent. Funny how the authorities require scrutiny befitting an academic journal before even arresting someone on rape or domestic violence charges, but if a Black child has a toy gun, it's open season, but I digress.

Cass got his boot for less extreme and more surprising reasons. In an era where WWE even tries to corral wrestlers who want to quit on their own volition indefinitely, the company fired Cass. I repeat. They don't fire anyone anymore, and they fired Cass. The reasons are not concrete, but they could run the gamut of being an unacceptably vocal Donald Trump supporter, which is bad since the McMahon family donated so much to his campaign they got a complementary Cabinet position out of it. He could have been fired for stalking his ex-girlfriend Carmella after they'd broken up, or it could've been when he against orders assaulted a dwarf in a segment that was building towards a match with Daniel Bryan. He also was so bad in the ring that Bryan couldn't get a good match out of him despite getting good matches out of, well, *gestures broadly at everyone he's ever wrestled in the history of his career*. I would probably say it's a combination of all those things. You get the picture.

However, WWE is moving NXT to USA Network to air live every Wednesday because they are scared shitless of any other company gaining any foothold on cable television. All Elite Wrestling is coming live to Wednesday nights, so now WWE has to counter, and it's also rumored that Vince McMahon wants more input this way. Because of this, McMahon does what he tries to do in any other capacity, bring someone in who's a NAME that can pop ratings. Put two and two together, and you have this nugget from this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter:

Screenshot via @WrestleChatNet

In case you don't wanna read the picture, it basically says that WWE made the offer for them to make a surprise return to the Black and Gold brand. Yep, McMahon and supposed "good cop" Paul "Triple H" Levesque are going to sign off on a cancer and a rapist cancer coming back to their most popular critically acclaimed locker room. Neither guy can work to the standard set by even the "worst" guys on NXT (Kona Reeves has at least had a decent match once). Their microphone act is basically a one-trick pony. They're damaged goods on top of it. You could make the case that Cass, after having made his battle with depression public, is making strides, but again, it's not up to me to decide whether those strides are good enough to forgive him literally stalking someone who broke up with him to the point where other wrestlers had to step in and physically threaten him. I don't wish any ill-will towards Cass. I really don't. I hope he's gotten help, but at this point, depression isn't something that just pops up. He's going back to a locker room that probably hasn't forgotten him. It can't be the best place for him if he's truly getting helped.

I guess the big sticking point is Amore, who really doesn't have any redeeming qualities, to be honest. The dude is a nuisance to society and should probably be exiled to Tierra del Fuego or something. I don't see what he has to offer other than an entrance, and y'know what? Maybe WWE should let some other enterprising trainee it has riff on the mic without scripted guidance to see if they can replicate some of that magic. Then again, maybe WWE, which has done more to destroy wrestling than lift it up in the last three decades and these two deserve each other. I mean, better they be contained in WWE than anything I might want to watch.