Tuesday, September 3, 2019

NXT In 60 Seconds for August 28, 2019

And that makes three
Photo Credit: WWE.com

Since We've Been Gone: Jordan Myles won the Breakout tournament on the Leftovers show and will challenge Some Guy for Goldie next week, Mia is getting stymied in her efforts to get a rematch with Shayna by Master Regal, Shane Thorne is officially off the schneid, and Killian Dain beat Matt Riddle but THAT FEUD MUST CONTINUE~! for some reason.

Also on the Leftovers show Breezango beat some guys. Forgot who.

Io Shirai: comes out to a huge heel pop and chants for her
Victim: doomed, so very doo
Io: Running dropkick at the bell! Shotei! Basement Meteora! God's Moonsault!
Referee: Winn
Victim: does the Savion
Referee: Winner!
Io: keeps it on a bit after the bell, then gets a kendo stick after the replays
Candice LeRae: Nah. snatches it and lands a couple shots
Io: bails and yells in Japanese, probably about how unfair this is
Candice: yells at her in presumably English from the ring

Keith Lee: comes out to a big pop, chants, and the 7 Bask Army singalong
Dominik Dijakovic: comes out to a rock cover of the Croatian national anthem
Both: fight to an early stalemate
Keith: manages to truck him Grizzly Magnum!
Dijakovic: Cyclone kick! beats on him Time to fly!
Keith: Nah. peels the suplex attempt off Spinning back elbow! Rolling elbow!
Full Sailors: Keith Lee! (whoop whoop) Keith Lee! (whoop whoop)
Keith: tries sending him into the buckles
Dijakovic: fights it off
Keith: shakes his head then nods affirmatively Buckled! Slingshot crossbody!
Dijakovic: Kickout!
Dijakovic: spins inside out but still kicks out
Keith: One armed spinebuster into the apron!
Both: end up glaring at each other
Dijakovic: Superkick! Fosbury Flop did I land on my feet why of course I did
Nigel McGuinness: If he flies, he flies!
Dijakovic: Cannonball off the top!
Keith: CAUGHT.
Dijakovic: uhh uh uh slip out the back! Arm wrench hook kick! Time to fly - there's the suplex throw! Moonsault!
Keith: ...kickout.
Full Sailors: Keith Lee! (whoop whoop) Keith Lee! (whoop whoop)
Dijakovic: goes up
Keith: cuts him off
Full Sailors: Please don't die! Please don't die! Please don't die!
Keith: I'll be fine. Him, on the other hand...
Dijakovic: Him on the other hand what?
Dijakovic: KEITH. Him on the other hand wha
Everybody Ever, Even You: WHAT IN THE GODDAMN FUCK
Dijakovic: ...kickout...
Everybody Ever, Even You: WHAT IN THE GODDAMN FUCK
Full Sailors, Some of Whom Are Sporting Happy Surrender Cobras: NXT! NXT! NXT! NXT!
Keith: goes up himself
Full Sailors: Fight for ever! clap clap clapclapclap Fight for ever! clap clap clapclapclap
Dijakovic: Superkick to the back of the knee! I got this I got this I g--no, I got this! FEAST! YOUR! EYES!
Referee: Winner!
Full Sailors: [standing O]
Announce: puts it over huge
Dijakovic: sells all the damage done while looking astounded he beat Keith Lee, which he did.

You should see it.

It ruled.

God's Production Team: shows us a Johnny Wrestling career retrospective
Shane Thorne: comes out after it's over to the announce and complains while putting himself over
GPT: Go home, Shane, you're drunk. Commercials! Then play the Shayna/Mia stuff from last week!
Shayna: comes out for some high-quality gloating with her underlings, raises the mic up to her lips and
Rhea Ripley: instantly turns babyface by default
Full Sailors: Rhea! Rhea! Rhea! Rhea!
Shayna: gets the Underlings to stand down, raises the mic up again
Rhea: yanks it out of her hands I don't care about what you have to say because I know what you're going to say: you've beaten everybody here. Well, I'm here now and you haven't beaten me, bitch.
Full Sailors: pop like a 1990 Fox studio audience
Shayna: stands down and leaves with the underlings
Rhea: stands mid ring glaring them down, throwing in a couple of smirks
GPT: show a Pete Dunne video package
Pete: I'm putting people on notice on 2 continents, and if any one steps to me, I'll break their fingers and their spirit. Just watch.

Not ReDragon: come out for the tag title defense main event to a cool heel pop
Street Profits: defend those titles but party in the crowd on their way there
the Challengers: control the mat game
Street Profits: Assisted moonsault!
NRD: continue the mat work but with a little bit of cheating, then work over Montez's leg

Montez: manages to get free from Fish for a hot beat Tag!
Angelo Dawkins: Clotheslines! Exploder! Spinning avalanches!
Kyle O'Reilly: Chop block!
NRD: Not Chasing the Dragon!
Angelo: Kickout!
Kyle: Heel hook!
Montez: tackles Fish into the submission to break it up, but does it into Angelo's leg as well
Both Teams: fight
Angelo: (snatches Fish) Spinebuster!
Kyle: Jawbreaker!
Angelo: Nope! Leg capture suple
Kyle: Triangle! I counter your counter!
Angelo: Buckle bomb counters the counter's counter! And tag!
Street Profits: hit their spinebuster and frog splash finisher with the roles reversed
Bobby Fish: pulls Kyle from the ring
Angelo: spears Kyle, then turns towards Bobby
Fish: Knee strike counter!
Montez: Frog splash!
Fish: Dodge!
Referee: Winners!
GPT: show the replays
the Undisputed Era: see above
Angelo Dawkins: has a Surrender Cobra of his own, and it is not happy