Friday, September 6, 2019

NXT In 60 Seconds for September 4, 2019

Still golden
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Hey, Everybody, Look What I Missed From Last Week's Aftermath:

Breezango: come out to a good pop
Not Team 3.0, Nope: do not
Fandango: controls the early work, throwing in a couple hip swivels
NT3: get in some tandem offense
Tyler Breeze: gets loose via step up Owenzuigiri and tags out
Fandango: Chops! Snap slams! Fancon Arrow! Tag!
Breezango: hit their finisher
Referee: Winners!

Jordan Myles and Keith Lee: enter together
Queen Cathy: asks Jordan how he's feeling ahead of the big main event
Jordan: notes he's nervous about the opportunity of a lifetime but is ready to prove his worth and become champ
Keith Lee: notes Jordan's getting this shot in a couple months and should have all the confidence in the world. Definitely not a slow burning heel turn. Nope.
Limylesless: leave

[jump cut]

Io Shirai: is beating on Candice with a kendo stick in the parking lot
Candice: gets laid tfo

Cameron Grimes: is emo over losing in the Breakout tourney finals, but still has a goal of being a champion, then puts on a top hat and leaves

Velveteen Dream: is awesome
Kona Reeves: no
Full Sailors: Vel vet een! Vel vet een! Vel vet een!
Dream: Dropkick! Superkick!
Reeves: Blocked! Pump kick! Rope hung kneelift!
Dream: Flying turning axehandle! Superkick! Another! Me Valley Driver!
Referee: Winner!
Dream: poses on the buckles with the belt
Roddy: comes on the RegalTron and says since Dream wanted him to get his attention, now this is happening
Dream's Signature Couch: is on fire
Dream: is annoyed
Roddy: smugly walks off

God's Production Team: shows a video of my Australian girlfriend ahead of her match with Shayna next week

Taynara Conti: comes out to a decent, positive reaction
Bianca BelAir: like the Whole Foods version of that, trucks Conti a couple times Dropkick and nip up!
Full Sailors: applaud
Bianca: And I can land on my feet on a monkey flip attempt as well. Now to
Conti: Dodge!
Bianca: flies into the middle buckle
Conti: Face rake against the bottom rope! PK to the arm! Judo throw! Pump kick!
Bianca: Kickout!
Conti: Penthouse Meteora! Punk corner knee! Rope assisted Code Red! Fly off the apron!
Bianca: Girl. uh UH! Hallaway slam into the floor!
Conti: uggghhhhhhh
Bianca: Flying facebuster Matrix style! Hammer shots! Handspring moonsault! KOD!
Referee: Winner!

GPT: inform us Johnathan Grapples will be on the show next week to discuss his future and definitely not get interrupted by Shane Thorne

Master Regal: announces a triple threat on the debut USA show to get Shayna a #1c between Bianca, Io and Mia

Jordan Myles: comes out to a good pop and gets +25 for the Low End Theory inspired gear
Some Guy: comes out
Everybody, Even You: ADAM COLE, BAY BAY!
Him: counters Myles' possible counters early and keeps employing side headlock takedowns, then bails when Myles might string consecutive moves together and pulls him down to the floor before throwing him into the post and posing
Full Sailors: cheer (predominantly)
Myles: tries some more
Cole: throws him so hard into the buckles he hits all of them on the way down, then throws him neck first into the middle rope Figure four headlock!
Myles: eventually gets to the ropes
Cole: keeps it on for 4.5 after because of course he does
Both: trade forearms
Myles: Handspring backflip into a logroll! Single leg basement dropkick!
Cole: bails again
Myles: oh, no you don't: picture perfect pescado!
Full Sailors: Jordan! Jordan! Jordan!
Him: Steamboat press!
Cole: Kickout! Leaping Owenzuigiri!
Myles: Dodge! Bridging Everest German suplay!
Cole: Kickout! Pump kick!
Myles: Kickout!
Cole: Leaping Owenzugiri! Gotcha this time. Lungblower!
Myles: Kickout!
Cole: Blindside superkick to the knee! And now WHOO by god, we go to school!
Myles: crawls for the ropes...grazes them with his fingertips but can't secure them, rolls through to another side and grabs those
Cole: sets him up top
Myles: knocks him down then rolls through to fly off safely when Cole dodges
Cole: Pump kick! Honorable Last Shot!
Myles: ...kickout! Longhorn Steakhouse springboard dropkick! PK off the apron! throws Cole in
Cole: rolls out
Myles: Naruto tope! throws Cole back in Sky high frog splash!
Cole: ...kickout.
Myles: Legsweep! Basement superkick! goes up Midnight Star(r)!
Cole: Always and forever, my knees in your gut. Alright, enough of that - superkick! How about an enzui follow up! New Last Shot!
Referee: Winner!
Cole: celebrates up the aisle with Goldie, flashes his group and individual hand signs, BAY BAY
Myles: gets some help from the referee in recovering and heads to the back with some help
Full Sailors: Jordan! Jordan! Jordan!

(awkward sweating)