Thursday, August 13, 2009

From the Archives: Your Requests

Is there a match you wanted to see featured on From the Archives? Is there something that you wanted me to see and wanted to share with the world? An unknown wrestler or fed? Or do you want to see more of your favorite wrestler? Well, here's your chance. I'm opening up the request line for everyone to submit what they want to see in the future out of FtA.

It's basically a free form user feedback form. You tell me what you want to see, be it more of a certain style, a specific fed, a certain wrestler, a distinct time period, whatever. If you want to see more Ric Flair, I'll do more Ric Flair. If you want me to look at 1986 UWF, then you got it. If you want to see a RVD/Jerry Lynn match, I'll do my best to find it on one of the streaming video sites and break it down.

Don't be shy, speak up. I'll be willing to watch anything and share it with the world, because good wrestling knows no boundaries.