Tuesday, January 19, 2010

BTLS and Awesome Kong Allegedly in Backstage Altercation

Courtesy of F4W Online

Awesome KongIf you haven't heard by now, Bubba the Love Sponge, satellite radio shock jock, Hogan crony and recent TNA backstage interview hire, posted a controversial Tweet on Friday about the Haitian earthquake. Here it is:
I say fuck hati. Why do we have to take care of everybody our country is in shambles. Bubba
Poor spelling and all, not a very judicious thing for a guy in the public eye to be putting in a public forum. Well, he was sent home from the TNA tapings, and the rumor was that it was for that Tweet, but allegedly, that's not the case.

Turns out Awesome Kong attacked him backstage and got both her and Bubba sent home. Kong was pretty ticked off at the Tweet, mainly because she's been all about the relief effort. Bubba says it was a "sucker punch", which if true is kinda crass. At least let the guy know what's coming if you're gonna punch his lights out. That is, if there even was an altercation. There are some who believe this is a giant work, and the folks at F4W at least seem to be skeptical, since apparently Eric Bischoff used to pull this kind of stunt all the time. I don't know

What I do know is that if it's true and legit, then it's just another sign of TNA's turbulence. They're already at war with the vocal portion of their fans (even if they are miscreants). They really don't need any backstage heat. AS for Kong, well, I need more details before I can make a judgment here. Things are way too sketchy right now.