Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Retraction, or I'll Never Trust an Impact Zone Mutant Ever Again

Here's a Youtube of the speech given to the Impact Zone crowd yesterday before the tapings. Watch it:

Now that you've seen what they said, I'm going to offer an apology to Hulk Hogan and TNA management for implying they were wrong in sending that guy out there to speak to the crowd. Whatever Impact Zone mutant reported that back to The Site That Shall Not Be Named took a few liberties. Not once did they tell them to be quiet, and I don't think it's unreasonable at all for them to not want the crowd to be chanting curses on television. Saying "shit" unedited bumps up the show to TV-MA, and they're TV-14.

And to make things worse, these mutants are actually planning on disrupting TV tapings and spilling into the ring with their "viva la revolucion" bullshit antics. I'm not lying:
Hey guys. I'm one of the hardcore TNA fans who you see regularly on iMPACT! and TNA PPV. You probably recognize me as the guy who wears a shirt and tie to the shows.

I've seen a lot of posts claiming that the biggest thing wrong with TNA right now is us, the loyal fans in the iMPACT! Zone.

I'd like to give you a little perspective on things. There is a group of about 12-20 of us who are at every show we can attend (Collectively known as the "Crucial Crew", which is why you see us throw up the 'c' hand signal). And we DO NOT like the direction this company is going. Therefore, we express our displeasure in hopes that management will listen. Why? Because we LOVE TNA, and will not stand idly by while it gets raped by Hogan and his boys. If we were season ticket holders for a sports team, this would be expected, would it not?

Last night at Genesis was a major event in the growing war between the TNA loyalists and the Hoganites. I can tell you that very real battle lines are being drawn within the organization, and the conflict will get a lot worse.

Again, we LOVE TNA. So when a man who built his career and reputation on WWF Sports Entertainment comes in, changes the things that make TNA unique and basically tells us that the TNA model is broken and that "the smart marks in the front" (read Hogan's IGN interview) don't matter, aren't representative of mainstream America and so should be ignored- Yeah, we're gonna be pissed.

Last night was remarkable in that for the first time ever a TNA producer came down into the pit where we stand, grabbed my friend by the shirt and actually threatened to ban us from the building if we didn't stop with the "vulgarity and the negativity". From reports, this heat came directly from "Dixie and Terry who were pissed that we didn't put Morely over during his match with Daniels. Are you kidding? This happened during the Pope v Wolfe match, and totally killed the crowd. If you were wondering why the crowd was so dead during what was a great wrestling match, that's why.

Here's the thing though... We've become friends with a lot of the wrestlers, and they all love our energy, enthusiasm and passion, and have and continue to support us. The production crew, who takes heat directly from the top, HATE us, most likely because they are all afraid for their jobs.

Also, all of the Bubba Army idiots and other Hogan marks are now in the iMPACT! Zone and act like the complete tools they are. Oh, but THEY don't get scolded like 5-year olds, even though they are the most offensive people there.

I saw hundreds of people walk out on the show last night, something i've NEVER seen at a PPV. Things are getting weird. Hopefully, Bischoff and Russo are smart enough to use this tension to create compelling TV, but from my perspective, it seems like TNA is dying right before my eyes.

Want some compelling TV? Wait until the entire pit revolts and empties into the ring on live TV. The way things are going, this is not altogether inconceivable.

Rest assured, the Crucial Crew will fight to the end for the TNA we know and love!
lolwut? Really revolting? How about just not going to the fucking Impact Zone, you mutant? Talk about entitled, YOU DON'T PAY A DIME FOR YOUR ENTRY! Do something else on your Mondays and Tuesdays like going mini golfing, taking up crocheting or leveling up your paladin on World of Warcraft.

Again, I'm sorry for ever trusting these embarrassments to wrestling fandom. Although I have no great love for TNA, they were right with their pre-taping speech here.