Tuesday, January 26, 2010

ROH TV Title Bracket Set

Straight from the Horse's Mouth

Brackets are fun

There's a look at the full bracket. It has a lot of the people I expected to be in it, and seeded as well. Kevin Steen as the number 1 seed isn't surprising, but will he and Generico make it to the finals to face off against each other? It's set up that way, but the way that Pearce likes to drag out his feuds, they'll both probably lose in the first or second rounds. Who knows. I know I wouldn't blow my load on that feud right away, especially when it doesn't need the context of a title belt with it.

If I were booking this, your winners would be Steen, Cabana, Delirious, King, Cabana, King, King. Jobbing out both the Wolves in the first round? Yeah, but DR needs to be in the World Championship hunt and EE, though godlike with his cred of working with a broken arm, isn't really the kind of guy who's a proven commodity on his own yet. I think this belt was tailor made for Kenny King, and having him beat a guy like Cabana in the finals would do a lot for him.