Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up: Bald Chicks Are Hot

Punk and Serena

- I know it was taped Tuesday, but Friday night's edition of Smackdown was notable because Punk added a new face to his Straight Edge Society. Serena Deeb, former SHIMMER wrestler and FCW trainee, got her head shaved and joined Punk's cult of clean-bodiedness. Since she's an actual wrestler, many people are speculating that she'll be the Diva arm of the stable. I hope they're right, because Mickie James and Beth Phoenix need more opponents other than Team Lay-Cool. (I still hate that angle bee-tee-dubya).

- DGUSA's Fearless taped on Saturday in Chicago. BxB Hulk retained the Open the Freedom Gate title and then got jumped by the heel faction of Davey Richards, Gran Akuma and YAMATO. A bunch of faces led by Quack and CIMA came out, which I can only assume sets up some kind of multi-man match at the WrestleMania weekend shows in Phoenix. Richards beat Masaaki Mozikuchi for the Full Impact Pro Wrestling Championship, and Tommy Dreamer appeared to help Jimmy Jacobs fight off Team Snoozer, err, I mean Jon Moxley and Brian Kendrick.

- In addition to Awesome Kong's potential flight from TNA, Alissa Flash, aka Cheerleader Melissa, asked for and got her release from the company. That's good for TNA, because they'll have more money to bring in Virgil or Brutus Beefcake.

- ETA: How could I have forgotten? Pro Wrestling RESPECT debuted on Saturday. I don't have a report on me, so I can't tell you how it was received. However, Bobby Dempsey won his match against Rhett Titus, who's actually on the big roster and actually appears as more than squash fodder, so this is a good sign. Dempsey has star potential. Hopefully, they run an Arena show so I can check it out more easily.