Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Ol' JR Most Likely Done

Courtesy of WithLeather

Good Ol' JRThis is what happens when you're a working schmuck like me. You go out in the field for one day and miss some big news. Good ol' JR is done behind the mic and if he returns to the WWE, it'll be in talent development. Shawn Michaels and Undertaker lobbied to have Ross call their WM epic, and really, he should have. It would have added a certain weight to the match that Michael Cole just can't do as a PBP guy.

This is a huge loss for the WWE; it goes without saying, although hopefully, Ross can go to bat for the talented guys in the front office. There, his Bell's Palsy wouldn't affect him as much. But what say you, best announcer ever? I wasn't around for Gordon Solie, and of the PBP guys I have heard, the only ones that come close are Joey Styles and Mike Quackenbush, so yeah, I'll throw my vote his way.