Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Knockouts Division to Take Another Hit

Courtesy of F4W Online

TaraTara, formerly known as Victoria in the WWE and whose real name is Lisa Marie Varon, confirmed today on her Twitter account that she's high-tailing it out of TNA. The issue? $$$$$$$$ In my view, this is a huge blow to the Knockouts Division in that they already lost Awesome Kong and are now going to have to rely on the Beautiful People, both current and former, and a tranny with huge implants to carry a once thriving division. That is, unless they actually start using the women they have, like Hamada, Sarita, Taylor Wilde and Cheerleader Mel... oh that's right, they let her walk too. Right.

I've heard rumors that Varon wants to go back to the WWE. Honestly, she'd be a welcomed addition to the Divas roster, but I don't know what the interest from Stamford is. Either way, shitty, shitty news for TNA fans everywhere. You'd think that if they were going to focus more on the KOs that they'd shell out money for their marquee face... unless they maybe don't have the money? *cue ominous music*

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