Saturday, April 3, 2010

RIP Chris Kanyon

Courtesy of Dot Net

KanyonChristopher Kluscartis, known as Chris Kanyon in his wrestling days, was found dead last night from an apparent suicide. He was 40. According to the Dot Net report, he had been battling depression and contemplated suicide in the recent years.

Kanyon began his career in WCW as Mortis, but soon dropped the mask and assumed his real name. He became part of the WCW faction of the Invasion after they were bought up by the WWF. He won tag team gold in both WCW and the WWF/E with Diamond Dallas Page. After leaving the company, he came out of the closet.

If I can get up on my soapbox, suicide is no joke, and depression is a real disease. If you are feeling depressed, get help. If you know someone who's depressed or talking about killing his- or herself, intervene. You might think suicide only affects yourself, but what you're doing is hurting everyone who cares about you. Suicide, depression and all the like is serious business that often isn't given the attention it needs, and in some cases, is treated with cold indifference or even scorn. That's the worst possible way it could be treated.

Okay, enough of the soapbox. I offer my sincerest condolences to Kanyon's family and friends and hope that they can find peace.