Thursday, April 29, 2010

This Week in Off-Topic: Super Mario Crossover

The Very Definition of Awesome and Win

Courtesy of Newgrounds

Every once in awhile, something comes along on the Internet that is so awesome and so full of complete and utter win that the world must stop to behold it. Yesterday was one of those occasions. It was when the world at large was introduced to Newgrounds' new Flash game, Super Mario Bros. Crossover. Made by a user named Exploding Rabbit, it's a fully faithful recreation of the original Super Mario Bros. game, only now, you can choose different characters to play it. I'm not talking Luigi, Peach, Toad or any other characters from the Marioverse. I'm talking other classic NES characters from other games. Samus Aran. Bill R. Mega Man. Simon Belmont. Link.

Yes, that's right. It's a 1980s adolescent's gaming wet dream. All five new characters are controlled in the same manner as they were in their original games, which makes for some pretty interesting gameplay in the original 8-bit Mushroom Kingdom. Of course, you can also play as Mario, but really, what's the fun in that?

Rather than prattle on about this game anymore, I'm just going to shut up and let you guys play it. Seriously, it's unmitigated nostalgia with an extra added challenge heaped on top (it's actually got a nice degree of difficulty to it). Play it, and if you don't love it, then you probably have no soul.

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