Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up: King of Trios Hangover

Welcome back, AJ!
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Your MASSIVE King of Trios recap is still in progress, so bear with me. It's a lot of event to cover and a lot of words to be written about, but good things come to those who wait.

- Chikara wasn't the only major indie fed promoting shows this weekend. AAW out in Berwyn had a show, Point of No Return, on Saturday. The event was supposed to feature Justin Credible, but his flight was cancelled. Hmm... anyway, the show was highlighted by a main event tag match where Shane Hollister defended his AAW Heritage Championship while teaming with Heavyweight Champ Dan Lawerence in a double jeopardy match. The challengers were Mason Beck and Silas Young. Beck got the duke over Hollister to become the new Heritage Champion. Also on the card, Jimmy Jacobs tapped Michael Elgin with the End Times guillotine choke, and Team CLASH of Cameron Skyy and Tommy Treznik heeled it up big time, defeating Marion Fontaine and Krotch and then afterwards attacking Krotch by sending him into a steel chair. Their next event, EPIC, on May 13th, is advertising the bWo and Sabu among others.

- MsChif wrestled at the AAW show, and according to the SHIMMER Women official Twitter, she's going on the injured list again. The docs haven't looked at it yet, but the fear is that it's a MCL tear. That sucks. Here's hoping for a speedy and full recovery for the Tormentor of your soul and mine.

- Oh yeah, TNA had its annual Lockdown PPV last night, where every match was in a steel cage. The show got mixed reviews, although the number of people praising the show for its wrestling content was more than usual. For as many people who liked how the show went, there were groans about the booking, especially Jeff Jarrett going over Kurt Angle and them setting up Hulk Hogan vs. Sting, despite the fact that Hogan is in less of a condition to wrestle than Stephen Hawking at this point. Results from the card saw Sting retaining the TNA World Championship, Fortune winning Lethal Lockdown as AJ Styles came back to get him some revenge on Bully Ray for putting him out, Mickie James squashing Madison Rayne in under a minute to become the new Knockouts Champion and Samoa Joe tapped Pope D'Angelo Dinero. Other than the Jarrett/Angle booking, nothing seemed too egregious, and the action got positive reviews, which is good, I suppose.

- Much like the AAW show, the TNA PPV wasn't without casualties as Matt Hardy claimed via Twitter that he may have suffered a broken arm. Ouch. As much hate as I heap on him, I honestly don't want to see him get hurt, and hopefully it's nothing too serious.

- Speaking of Hardys, Matt also posted on Twitter that his brother Jeff is considering retirement to work on his issues. The impetus for this is seeing Edge go. If that's the case, then good for Jeff, because being a wrestling superstar isn't worth killing yourself early over. Jeff needs to go to rehab, see it completely through and get away from an environment that enables him to abuse painkillers. That being said, Matt may have been speaking out of turn, as Jeff's wife tweeted that he wasn't considering retiring. Then again, that tweet no longer exists because she took it down. Regardless, this is something worth following up on, but I'm not sure if there'll be anything else.

- Finally, for everyone concerned that the World's Strongest Man Mark Henry died yesterday, rest easy. He's alive and well. It's just the latest in a line of shitty Twitter death hoaxes started by people with nothing better to do than to spread rumors that celebrities have died.

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