Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Your Favorite Wrestlers Ever: Don Owens

Now that my own favorites list is out of the way, I posed the question to some of my colleagues in the fan/writer community. Who are your favorite five wrestlers?

Today's list comes from Don Owens of the Future Endeavors podcast. He's a fun guy, and I enjoy him both on Twitter and when he guests on Jason Mann's podcast after WWE PPVs. Here is his list, back do descending order:

1. Shawn Michaels - THE Greatest of All Time! There is no doubt that HBK is #1. This is the man that has blown away audiences for decades. His list of accolades is long - the 1st Grand Slam Champion, Tag Titles, IC Title, European Title, World Title, WWE Title, 1st Hell In A Cell Match, Elimination Chamber match, 2 Royal Rumble wins, revolutionized the ladder match, best Iron man match, best WrestleMania match. The list goes on and on. No one made their oponent look as good as Shawn Michaels did. The greatest to ever do it, NO DOUBT!
Don's top two
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2. Triple H - The King Of Kings is easily one of the greatest of all time, a true student of the game. I was a major fan of his since the day I saw his debut on WWF Superstars and saw him hit the move known as the pedigree for the 1st time. I said, "That Hunter Hearst Helmsley is gonna be a big star!" and boy was I correct.

His transition into Triple H was amazing - so many good feuds and another Grand Slam Champion. Triple H has done it all. He was a part of D-Generation X, then lead the group when HBK retired, went on to form and lead Evolution. He was the 1st WWE World Heavyweight Champion. As with HBK, Triple H could make a match work with anyone, a true in ring general. In the last year he has become more of an office hand backstage, but when the time calls for it as we saw at Wrestlemania 27 with his amazing match with Undertaker, he can still hang with the best of them.

3. Kevin Nash (Diesel) - My favorite big man ever. The day Diesel made his debut as HBK's bodyguard I knew I saw a star in the making. Seeing in that 1st year in the WWF, Diesel won the Intercontinental Championship, Tag Titles and the WWF Championship in a record 8 seconds from Bob Backlund to become a Triple Crown winner, and he went on to be WWE champ for almost a full year. Big Daddy Cool was the Man! He dominated in Rumbles, had a great feud with HBK, had the best WrestleMania match with the Undertaker (at the time) and had the match of his carreer with HBK in his last WWF match before going to WCW at In Your House: Good Friends, Better Enemies. Diesel went to WCW and went by his real name, Kevin Nash. He was the single reason why I started watching WCW, and then we saw the birth of the nWo, one of the greatest factions and most influental groups in all of sports entertainment. Nash went on to win more titles and had a great run in WCW.

After the company went out of business Nash did some movies and returned to wrestling and the WWE with Hulk Hogan and Scott Hall to debut the WWE version of the nWo. After some ups and downs in WWE, Nash left again and had a good run in TNA. At the 2011 Royal Rumble, Diesel returned and a surprise entrant. One of the greatest moments for me as a wrestling fan. Kevin "Diesel" Nash is now back as part of the WWE Family. What his future hold no one knows, But for me, he will go down as one of the best.

4. The Rock - Not much to say here for the Most Electrying Man in Sports, wait I mean ALL of Entertainment. Rock is easily the most entertaining man ever on the mic, and that definately translated into the ring. A superstar who has done it all, left WWE to become a true Hollywood actor and successfully made the transition better then anyone that tried before him. Rock's charisma made him a huge bankable star, and just when we thought we would never see him back in a WWE ring, 7 years later, he returned! He electrified audiences again like he never left, instantly he went from Dwayne back to The Rock. He went on to host WrestleMania 27, and will lace up the boots once again to take on John Cena at WrestleMania 28. FINALLY!!!! The Rock is back and is no doubt in my top 5 of all time.

5. Rob Van Dam - I have lost a lot of respect for RVD since he joined TNA, but I cant let that take away my love for him the rest of his career. RVD amazed me in ECW and instantly became one of my favorites to watch. The guy I always hoped would make it to WWE one day. Then that day finally happened. He came over after the buy out of WCW and was a part of The Alliance. His first ppv match in WWE against Jeff Hardy for the Hardcore Championship at the Invasion PPV was a classic. I was hooked and wanted more. For years I got to witness amazing matches with RVD and many other great opponents. He had great runs as Tag and IC Champion, but one belt always eluded him, the WWE title. At WrestleMania, RVD won the MITB briefcase and cashed in against John Cena at One Night Stand to become WWE Champion finally! Not only was he the WWE Champion, he was also awarded the ECW Championship for relaunch of that brand. RVD had made history. Unfortunately some bad things happened shortly after his win that led to him losing the WWE and ECW Titles back-to-back in the same week. RVD retired soon later after being frustrated with the direction of the new ECW. He made a couple surprise appearances that made me totally mark out for a full-time return. Unfortunately that never happened in WWE as he decided to join TNA. Although I'm not happy with him there, I am proud that he became TNA World Champion and had a great run. He definately deserves it. The Whole F'n Show!