Friday, September 30, 2011

Follow Friday: Commenters!

This week's Follow Friday is going to be a bit different. I'm going to open the floor to you, the commentariat.I do appreciate everyone who comments (except the spammers, because fuck those guys), because it usually means you read my work and was moved enough by it to comment on it. That means a lot to me. So, all y'all who comment, here's what I want you to do. I want you to leave your Twitter handle in the comments. I'll check back periodically and put them into the main site. I'll even start out with a list of the commenters that I know are on Twitter right now. I really do think that I attract an intelligent commenting base, and you guys deserve to have followers! So, comment away:

TWB Commenters/Twitter Handles - Follow these people!

B - @MrBrandonStroud
KMB - @KMB2476
Vince - @vintown
uconngary7 - @uconngary7
jejparsons - @jejparsons
Parlett316 - @Parlett316
jerseyboy - @dajerseyboy
therick711 - @therick711
85 - @85mf
Jordi - @JordiScrubbings
Eric G - @CamelClutchBlog
Russel David - @russelharder
Havok - @mjones99
Stephen T. Stone - @GrappleKingdom
Sean (1) - @soggyhydrox
Sean (2) - @AeonsTorn
thechris104 - @thechris104
Thomas AK - @WetOREO
Andy H - @DoctorCuriosity
Insane24se7en - @Inane24se7en
David McKinney - @mckinneydg
Josh Ray - @RealMenRealDads
K Sawyer Paul - @ksawyerpaul and @intlobject
Andre Harrison - @TheHarrison101
Diaz - @DiazIsOldMate
Nate Linehan - @NateLinehan
Delliot - @Delliott90
Donnelly - @bdonn1230
Friskey - @FriskeyVsWorld
Trey Irby - @treyirby and @WrestlingTheory
paul - @paulbrisbin
AWTWB - @awtwb
John Hyperion - @johnhyperion and @dirtydirtytweet
Billy Dunlevy - @UnderZenith
flubby - @flubby
XDustinELFX - @XDustinELFX
Demps - @mrbilldempsey

Bill Baconhill - @Bill_Baconhill
skoochxc - @SkoochXC
Okori - @OkoriWadsworth
Thomas Ford - @FordianSlip

If you comment here and don't see your name up there, feel free to add in on the comments. Even if you've never commented here, but you read the site? Comment with your Twitter handle anyway. I am literally giving away the free pub. I may be spotty around the Internet for personal reasons over the next 48 hours or so, but if you leave your Twitter handle here, I will edit it in. And hell, if your first comment is in this thread, then stick around for awhile and keep commenting!