Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Outside the Squared Circle, Episode 3: Sarah Sprague

The first recipe in Sarah's guac-fest, recipe by Margery Miller Shanoff
Photo Credit: Sarah Sprague
Episode 3: Holy Guacamole!

This month's non-'rasslin extravaganza features the football foodie herself, Sarah Sprague. In the lead-up to the Super Bowl, she's been ramping up the recipes on her site, including a run on reader-submitted guacamole recipes of varying sophistication. We get so inside baseball on guacamole that every listener is going to want to go out and make their own. We also discuss the food scene in So Cal as it relates to the rest of the country. There's sports talk too, as we break down the Super Bowl, begrudgingly admit that yes, Eli Manning is a pretty good quarterback and about how disappointing it was that the Eagles didn't take flight. There's some hockey talk, including speculation on if Sidney Crosby will ever play again, and to close things out, Sarah has an epic story of trolling in the age before high speed Internet.

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