Monday, February 20, 2012

Instant Feedback: The Bella Twins Are the Lex Lugers of Twin Magic

In the first segment of the show, the Bella Twins were the voices of reason, trying to understand why Eve Torres would go all super skank after being the paragon of smart, sexy and powerful since coming to prominence. Ninety minutes later, they were doing the twin magic thing to heel their way to victory. Lex Lugerat least had the courtesy to wait a week between his turns. That was amusing though. John Cena going all skank juice on Eve? Yeah, I can do with out that. Seriously, it's wash, rinse, repeat in WWE. Woman does something conniving, man calls her every misogynistic name in the book. Some things never change, I suppose.

That being said, Cena redeemed himself later on. Yeah, it was another case of wash, rinse, repeat with his material, but he at least added in a few new digs at The Rock and most importantly, his delivery was on point. In order for me to care about the build to this match (because let's face it, my eyes are glued to the screen when those two close WM this year), Cena's gonna have to bring it like this each week. Rock will also have to cut out the cutesy homophobia, but hey, we'll find out whether he's going to put his money where his mouth is starting next week.

Speaking of promo work, hey, Undertaker everyone! I have this nasty habit of writing off Taker, but every year he comes back and he cuts these mega promos and all is right with the world. @typicalROHfan said on Twitter tonight that Taker used in this capacity every year keeps his mystique alive and ensures great reactions. I agree, but his delivery on the mic doesn't hurt either. I loved when he told Triple H to shut up, best part of the show actually. Then again, I'm biased. Either way, I'm not sure I'm feeling the whole reasoning as to why Taker really needs to have this match when he won, but hey, Hell in a Cell, guys! Could be a fun trainwreck.

This was definitely a show for talkers more than it was for wrestling. I was pretty bummed that Santino/Bryan didn't get more time. I get why it happened the way it did, but at the same time, would Bryan tapping Santino after five minutes have been that much less effective than after 30 seconds? No, and we would've gotten a damn fine match in the process. Santino Marella is one of the best wrestlers in the company. Period. I'd love to see him and Bryan at least get a long Smackdown main event.

It wasn't the best RAW, but it wasn't the worst either. I think the reason why it might have felt draggy was that usually, the Road to WrestleMania RAWs seem to have more going on, especially further away from WM. I don't know. Either way, the top four matches for the big event are now set, and hopefully, they don't drag their feet to announce the other three to four.