Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wade Barrett Is NOT Going to WrestleMania

Photo Credit: WWE.com
Via WWE.com

Wade Barrett (known as RED BELLY to Great Khali enthusiasts) has dislocated his elbow and will miss the next six to eight weeks of action. This will put him out of WrestleMania. Barrett was visibly hurt last night during his elimination from the contendership battle royale, requiring a stretcher and a splint to be placed on his left elbow. Further information suggests the injury happened when Big Show threw Dolph Ziggler on him. Ziggler himself looked like he was knocked loopy when his head hit the announce table, but apparently, he'll be okay.

This is a really bad break for Barrett, who will miss the big event after being rumored to be involved in either Money in the Bank or a tag match with Cody Rhodes against Big Show and Shaq (again, just rumors I've heard). Here's hoping for a full and speedy recovery for the Barrett Barrage.