Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Disturbing Story Has Surfaced about Sabu

Maybe stop booking Sabu and start getting him some help?
Photo Credit: WWE.com
Sabu has long had a reputation for not being all there. Of course, one could look at the risks he continues to take with his body today after years of hardcore wear and tear and see he might not have his own best interests in mind, but out of the ring, he's been linked to some crazy stories and erratic behavior as well. However, a tell-all Facebook post by Pro Wrestling Syndicate promoter Pat Buck accuses the wrestler of some gross actions.

Most of the stuff in the screed is boilerplate drama between a wrestler and a promoter, and I wouldn't even give it the time of day without addressing the fact that Sabu might have his own point of view on what happened. The weed-smoking stuff is problematic, but it felt like Buck and noted hothead Kevin Matthews could have handled it better. Sabu going into business for himself or showing up late for an autograph signing is inside-baseball enough to ignore. But this passage made me cringe:
I didn't want to put this out, but more drama happened this morning. My CC bill was hit pretty hard for weird charges at the hotel Sabu stayed at... [T]he hotel had a smoking charge of 250.00 on each night. I was pretty pissed, because it's irresponsible but mostly because I've had a similar situation happen before. I always make sure (promoter note) to be responsible for just room and tax just in case this issue arose. Normally, the talent has to put their CC down for incidentals. I was told by the hotel that they did put a CC down and it was declined. Sabu made such a commotion that they unlawfully put the incidentals on my card to avoid his tantrums. I'm fighting this charge right now, but there's more to the story. The hotel wanted to inform me that there were a few other issues. Apparently, they had a dog stay with them, and within the hotel room on the walls, towels, sheets, there was blood and feces everywhere. They showed me horrifying pictures. They also found several syringes/needles. Truly disturbing. I really hope a dog was not involved.
Emphasis mine.

When I first read that passage last night, I didn't even want to hear Sabu's side of the story, but at the same time, he needs to do some explaining. It's one thing to be a carny fuckwad in a business full of them, but animal abuse crosses a distinct line. Animal torture/abuse is also a precursor to some other more disturbing actions with humans, and Buck noted how controlling Sabu was of his manager and assumed significant other Melissa Coates. Hopefully, these pictures and accusations have nothing to them, and they were just the byproduct of some ghastly but innocent accident. But man, it's hard not to fear the worst here. Someone needs to get Sabu some help before something truly awful happens if these accusations are accurate.