Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cageside Seats with More on TNA's Crappy Working Conditions: The Sad Story of Daffney

Daffney, working for a company that isn't heinous
Photo Credit: Wrestlin' Wally
Via Cageside Seats

S. Bruce of Cageside Seats has yet another in his ongoing series of exposés about the horrid working conditions in TNA, this time detailing what Daffney's been going through. It's been noted before that she was taking legal action against TNA for their negligence towards her health and well-being. I think the whole article is punctuated by this passage:
“Daffney suffered another concussion working with Angelina in a tag match. This is during the holiday tapings in December. They have a solid week of tapings and this happens on day 1 of 5. Daffney goes to Terry and management about the injury and is told that she can work the next two days and the she will be ok. This is the same time they are doing the story line with Anderson not being able to wrestle with the concussion. Daffney gives it sometime and decides she can’t risk going in the ring that night because she is, in fact, injured. She was however willing to do another photo shoot that was already on the schedule while she was there. As she prepares for the shoot she is then notified by Terry that management decided that she can’t do the shoot because if she ‘won’t’ work the match they have planned then they don’t want her to do the shoot.

As if all this wasn’t enough to put a person over the edge, while this was going, TNA was refusing responsibility for the hospital bill from the Rosie [Lottalove] injury.”
You can't make this shit up.

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