Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The McMahons Are Psychotic; WWE Writer Is Far from a Dream Job

Pictured: A psychopath
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Via Cageside Seats

Not to let TNA take all his exposé-writing wrath, S. Bruce is back at Cageside Seats detailing the ten most awfully ridiculous and horrifying tales from writing for the WWE. Some of these seem on the embellished side to me, but then again, if everyone who leaves Titan Towers has stories like that, then maybe there's truth to them? Who knows. Here's my personal favorite excerpt:
Dave Meltzer noted in an issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter a few years ago that Vince had, seemingly on a whim, decided that he had to have an urgent meeting with the creative team. Vince, who has been known for his somewhat erratic behavior (putting it mildly), then demanded everyone fly down to his pad in Florida. This meeting was so incredibly important, it simply couldn’t wait. However, as soon as they all went through the (long and stressful) journey getting down there, Vince suddenly decided he doesn't want a meeting after all, wouldn’t let them into house when they arrived and they all had to fly back to Stamford for another yet another meeting with Stephanie.
Holy shit, I'd be pissed. I wonder if they were at least able to expense the plane tickets...

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