Friday, August 5, 2011

WWE Chopping Block Report, Part 1

Adios, Masterpiece :(
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Five WWE Superstars have left the company, four by way of future endeavoring, one by way of quitting. The worst news is that more are reportedly forthcoming, which is terrible. I hate reporting on people losing their jobs, and I don't get why people pass that info along with such glee. It's news, but it's also people not being employed anymore. Here are the five that have been axed so far:

Gail Kim - She was the one who quit. She's been making a big fuss on Twitter about how unhappy she's been lately, and it seemed everything came to a head when she inexplicably eliminated herself in the Divas battle royale Monday. Well, apparently she quit after RAW Monday but waited until today to drop the knowledge. Oh well, she really hadn't done anything for me since coming back, especially after everyone pumped her up to be this great worker. I guess Kharma/Awesome Kong did all the heavy lifting in Impact, right? Plus, she quit, so she obviously didn't want to be there. I wouldn't be surprised to see her retire, since she's engaged to big deal TV chef Robert Irvine.

Melina - This is the least shocking firing ever. She's apparently been batshit crazy backstage, and constantly getting her boyfriend John Morrison in hot water because of the dumb stuff she said and did. Again, this is apparently and reputedly since I really don't have a whole lot of firsthand sources to go on for this. She really hadn't been featured for months either. Something tells me WWE will be better without her.

Vladimir Kozlov - I was a little bummed about this one. Kozlov had found a niche as a tag wrestler and a big Russian blockhead who got some comedy with culture-shock spots and the like. This also continues to prove that WWE really has missed the boat on featuring a tag division, since he was over by proxy of absorbing some of Santino's heat when they were Tag Champs. Oh well.

David Hart Smith - The rumblings are that he wants to do MMA. He's been training in it for months, so this is really not surprising either. Nothing more to say here either.

Chris Masters - This is the one I'm gutted most over. Really, he had come into his own as a worker, and every time he was featured on Superstars or Smackdown, he came through with a good to great match. He also was able to get over as a good guy without the benefit of any promo time whatsoever. Yeah, the jiggling pecs were a huge boon to him, but when that died down, he stayed somewhat over. Why? Because he knows how to engage a crowd and get them behind him in the ring. That is something that is invaluable and what a lot of current faces lack in the ring. Ugh, total miss the boat moment on him. Hopefully, he continues to wrestle, preferably in the indies, like I don't know, CHIKARA? Really bummed, man.

And again, there are more coming apparently. I fucking hate when WWE cleans house.