Monday, November 14, 2011

ACW: An Appreciation

For a period of time somewhere in the ballpark of an hour or so, Portia Perez held the ACW Heavyweight Championship. Not the American Joshi Championship, not some bullshit intergender gimmick Championship, the company's top title. According to their title history, she's the first woman to hold the title, and to the best of my knowledge, she's the first woman to hold the top title in any company's main (read: men's) division. If anyone wants to correct me on that, feel free, but that won't change the spirit of what I'm about to write.

The fact is, while this is a very important and hopefully very influential decision in the world of wrestling (independent or otherwise), the fact that it doesn't surprise me that Anarchy Championship Wrestling was the first company to do this should tell people something about the fiber of their character. In the six months or so that I've been aware of this company, they have done so many fresh and innovative things that I'm jealous of anyone who lives within driving distance of Austin. Yes me, the guy who lives five minutes from the fuckin' ECW Arena and goes to every Chikara show played at said arena (and some in Easton and Reading as well), is publicly saying how jealous he is of people in another indie hotbed. Then again, I complain aloud over not being able to go to Reseda for PWG. Lesson learned here? I'm an entitled little shit. But enough about me.

ACW is at the forefront of the cutting edge of professional wrestling. In a world where some indie promotions are afraid to venture outside of the box, Anarchy not only lives outside it, but smashes it and pisses on the remains. They need to be spotlighted more and especially praised for things like the Pro Wrestling Prom and doing marathon mini-shows during the FunFunFun Fest (no doubt ACH won't stand up the festival for lack of French onion soup unlike some people...).

Crowning Portia Perez was just the latest in the great things this visionary promotion out of Texas is doing to further the art of wrestling. For that, they deserve our praise, our attention and most importantly, our money. Anarchy truly rulz. (God, I hate myself for that pun)