Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Best Moves Ever: Burning Hammer

Apologies for no Six Pack last night, but I was just tapped out. Work trips do that to you. I will more than make up for it with this week's Best Move Ever, a move that has only been done seven times by the guy who made it famous. Yes, Kenta Kobashi didn't invent the Burning Hammer as I always point out when talking up the joshis, but he is the most famous user of it. He is the guy who evangelized a move that has become one of the most spammed e-wrestling finishers ever. There's a reason why it's only been done seven times. It's kinda dangerous, but it is cool looking. Burning Hammer. You are not worthy. I am not worthy. Only the man doing it is worthy, and he earned that right by no-selling cancer. What have you done in your pathetic life?