Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Wrestling Podcast, Episode 52: Vince Morales II

The stuff dreams are made of
Photo Credit: @vintown
Episode 52: Evan Bourne This Way

Vince Morales of Miller Park Drunk is back for his second go-around on the podcast. We talk about Chikara and the current goings on there, mainly focusing on the menace of Gekido and who their identities might be. We also ruminate about Hot off the Griddle and hope that this feud between Kevin Steen and Eddie Kingston is far from over. We talk a bit about Over the Limit, where it's agreed that Punk/Bryan will be great because we know what we're getting from them, while Laurinaitis/Cena will be exciting mainly because we don't know what we're getting. We also discuss how wrestling right now is pretty good, mainly because everyone in the business right now that is good grew up a fan of it.

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