Thursday, December 26, 2013

2CW's Next Show to Feature the Young Bucks vs. Some Extreme Nostalgia...

Coming to 2CW in April
Photo via 2CW Facebook
Living on the Edge 9 Event Page

Squared Circle Wrestling of Upstate New York is on a well-deserved hiatus after the year they had (end of their last Internet pay-per-view notwithstanding), but they're already back to the drawing board planning their return for 2014. They announced the Young Bucks earlier on this month, which is a big enough get with which to start. Today, their opponents were named...

Mikey Whipwreck and Yoshihiro Tajiri

The underdog standbys from ECW will reunite to take on the best tag team in America (if not the world) on April 19. Tajiri has been wrestling and promoting various promotions in Japan, most notably the defunct SMASH Wrestling, where Kana threatened to castrate him. Whipwreck has remained in the New York City area, training wrestlers out of the New York Wrestling Connection camp and staying active in that promotion. Both guys are still in fighting shape from what I hear. As long as they can still go, this dream match could turn out to be a reality, one that will play out in Watertown, NY.