Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Wrestling Podcast, Episode 124: Dylan Hales

Orton is one subject reviewed with a fine-tooth comb
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Episode 124: Auld Lang Spynebuster

Dylan Hales of the Wrestling Culture podcast is back on the show this week to discuss the year in review. We go through some of the best in-ring guys first, and agree that that consensus top three are Daniel Bryan, Antonio Cesaro, and Sami Zayn. We get into the weird case of The Shield from an in-ring standpoint, and wrestlers like Kevin Steen, Athena, and Goldust, who also have stood out at various points during the year. We discuss WWE in detail, including a comparison of Bryan and Randy Orton. Dylan thinks that Bryan gets the benefit of the doubt from a lot of fans, but that ultimately, he will be fine as a main event guy. He also floats the theory that Bryan got as big as he's gotten because WWE hasn't gotten behind him like they did Orton. We talk about what needs to be done to help TNA get out of its doldrums, and Dylan gives a quick and dirty review of the year on lucha libre. We finish up by looking ahead to where wrestling will be in the coming year.

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