Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Jimmy Snuka Cold Case to Be Reexamined

Snuka is a person of interest in the death of Nancy Argentino
Photo Credit: WWE.com
Via The Lehigh Valley Morning Call site

The investigation into the death of Nancy Argentino is going to be reopened for a grand jury investigation. Argentino was found in the now demolished George Washington Motor Lodge in Allentown, PA. Former WWE wrestler and then-boyfriend Jimmy Snuka was implicated in the 1983 death, but he was never charged. Argentino's injuries were consistent with her moving head striking a stationary object, and her injuries suggested "mate abuse." The grand jury will investigate the evidence and see if the authorities should press charges against Snuka.

The fact that Snuka evaded charges in the first place always felt suspicious. He originally claimed he shoved her and she hit her head, but then he recanted and said she fell over while trying to urinate on the side of the road. The district attorney didn't specify whether new evidence had popped up, but the fact that charges were never explored in the first place with that initial admission was just weird at best.

Rumors swirled that Vince McMahon shelled out a lot of money to keep Snuka from getting charged, but those accusations are without hard evidence. However, I will be interested to see if now that Snuka isn't an active WWE wrestler if it will be easier for him to be brought up. Either way, the death of Nancy Argentino needs to have some closure. If Snuka is innocent like he says he is, then I hope the process exonerates him, but if justice is required for her death, it is long the fuck overdue.