Friday, January 3, 2014

Sparty YES! YES! YES!

The Michigan State Spartans, Champions of the Big 10 and a loss to Notre Dame away from playing for the National Championship, defeated the Stanford Cardinal in a mild upset to win the 100th Rose Bowl on Wednesday. Sparty is often an afterthought in their own state, but with a suffocating defense and an offense led by the toolsy-if-flawed Connor Cook, they rattled off an improbable season of dominance. Remind you of anyone you know in wrestling? Okay, maybe correlating Daniel Bryan to Michigan State is a bit of a stretch, but one thing is certain. Sparty sure knows a great chant when they hear one. Skip to around 3:52 on the video below to get to the pertinent footage:

And for a more succinct but silent version, the .gif, courtesy of Andrew Sharp over at Grantland:

What a cultural phenomenon Bryan has given us. I hope that some other folks take notice, specifically in that big, glassy building off Exit 9 of I-95 in Connecticut...