Wednesday, January 8, 2014


The lone downside to the insane rise of Sami Zayn is that he had to leave most of his El Generico moveset behind him as he transitioned from life on the indies to a career working for the biggest but most corporate wrestling company in the world. Some sacrifices are worth it in the long run, and at least he got to take the corner yakuza kick and the blue thunder bomb with him (I remain skeptical he'll be able to even keep the latter move when he makes the main roster, even though he does it far better than one certain Franchise Whom You Can't See). Still, I will always be a little wistful at the fact that the BRAINBUSTAAAAAHHHHH!!! will never be seen again barring unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances that would lead him back to the indies. Still, at least video footage still exists of it.