Tuesday, January 14, 2014

WSU's Next Show Is Looking QUITE Loaded

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The Hussy Buster RETURNS
Photo Credit: Scott Finkelstein
Beyond Wrestling may be Denver Colorado's (the man, not the place!) hot hand right now, but his other company, Women's Superstars Uncensored, has been gearing up for its next card at the Flyers Skate Zone in Voorhees, NJ on February 8, titled Mutiny. The last few weeks have seen news of matches and bookings fly across social media, and relatively speaking, these announcements have been huge. Shanna, Portugal's Perfect Athlete, has already been announced as Jessicka Havok's next contender, and Candice LeRae's return to the East Coast was announced about a month ago. In the last few weeks, however, three other huge names have been added to the show.

First, LuFisto, who has not appeared since the beginning of last year, has been announced for return. She actually had a title shot in her back pocket, presumably after defeating Havok in a tag match in CZW, but after suffering an injury at SHIMMER Vol. 53 at WrestleCon, she had to let it lapse. The silver lining from that incident for the fans was that it allowed WSU to book Havok against Sami Callihan, which was one of 2013's best matches. LuFisto has been relatively quiet since Female Fight Season, but as the fans at the Skate Zone know, when she heads into town for WSU, things tend to go a bit batty.

Second, Athena, who was injured at the first set of secret WSU tapings before Uncensored Rumble last year, will be making her return. Her injury was doubly frustrating, because not only was she set to take on Havok in a best two-out-of-three falls match for the title at the Rumble, I thought she had a better than average shot of knocking off Cheerleader Melissa at the SHIMMER tapings to become a double World Champion. Anyway, her return is good news, as her last appearance in the company was a raucous sprint through to victory in the Queen and King of the Ring Tournament with AR Fox.

Finally, in what is arguably the biggest news in women's wrestling so far in 2014, Alpha Female, the monstrous German destroyer of worlds, will be making her American debut at Mutiny. Alpha Female burst onto the scene mostly in England, where she had a titanic feud with Jenny Sjodin, and recently, she has been touring the joshi promotions. I've been awaiting her debut for a long time, and I'm glad that she'll be heading to WSU so I can see her in person, theoretically, of course (with my schedule, I don't know when and where I can go to shows anymore, but you guys don't care about me, nor should you).

Mutiny is looking it could be WSU's biggest card ever, just based on name value alone. However, I do find that LuFisto and Athena returning at the same card presents a unique opportunity. Having both former, stillborn contenders on the same show is a chance to have a WrestleMania IX-style mini-tournament. Instead of having one contender wrestle an Owen Hart-level match as a placeholder, the tournament could feature four women. Opening match, Athena wrestles LuFisto. Shanna gets her shot at Jessicka Havok before intermission, and then the main event would pit the winners of those two matches. I'm not saying that scenario will play out, but I am telling Colorado that I AM GIVING OUT FREE BOOKING IDEAS.

Anyway, regardless of what happens, this show on paper looks like a must-see event.