Sunday, February 2, 2014

Impactful Feedback: Most Valuable (over)Promotion

THIS is the earth-shaking new authority figure?
This week, we were finally expecting the result of the two-week long “new investor” angle. Thanks to my esteemed head blogger, I was aware of MVP signing with TNA, but I didn’t realize he would reach TV so fast. I was very curious as to how the whole thing might play out with some possible suspects in mind. But because it’s TNA, the lack of real ingenuity made the angle feel more dragged out than exciting. Names like Hogan, Flair, and Sting all ran through my head as I sat back just simply hoping that this move meant AJ Styles coming back.

But the one thing that I failed to think about was the BILLIONS of dollars that MVP made while working for the WWE just a couple of years ago. Clearly, I should have assumed that he would be the one with enough money to overpower Dixie Carter and her Panda Energy conglomerate. Yet, there I sat this past Thursday night, hoping for a revelation only to receive another blip on the radar.

I still find myself scratching my head as to what TNA’s line of thinking is while bringing in new talent. The American Wolves seem to be a step in the right direction, but then they take two steps backwards signing older former WWE stars to fill their main event. The exception here, of course, being Magnus, who makes me to dry heave every time I see him on the screen. Instead of paying for guys like Styles to control their main event until they effectively build guys like the Wolves or even the Bro Mans, they continue to pour money into the past rather than the future.

I could continue to go on, but I feel like this abbreviated version pretty much coincides with nearly every other one of my past posts. I feel like I keep repeating myself every time I talk about TNA, but I keep hope that maybe someday it will change. Until then, maybe I can find a different angle to attack this thing to keep everything as positive as possible on my end.