Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Wrestling Podcast, Episode 132: Sawyer Paul

Photo Credit: ImpactWrestling.com

Episode 132: Hit the Road Wild, Jack

Sawyer Paul of International Object returns to the show this week. After cursory conversation about Adam Rose and NXT, we dive right into chat about WWE Network, which we both agree is the biggest thing to happen to wrestling since RAW went on the air. Sawyer thinks that any issues it has right now are mostly because the technology and infrastructure are in their infancies, and that it will work better with time. We talk about how different the ECW the Network has been showing is to what is remembered, how pre-Hogan WCW is Sawyer's wrestling comfort food, and about how wrestling has either always remained modern or how little it's changed over the years. We talk about Occupy RAW, Sawyer's phobia of Hulk Hogan, and how the Andre the Giant Battle Royale will play out. We field a question about which woman will be the first to hold the WWE Championship and segue that into talk about how WWE is going from size and strength to ability as the mileposts to be on top. Finally, I close the podcast with a huge announcement.

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