Monday, April 21, 2014

The 2013 TWB 100: Meet Your Voters and Others Receiving Votes

Close but no cigar for all four wrestlers pictured here
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Welcome, everyone, to the 2013 TWB 100, a crowd-sourced ranking of the best in-ring workers in North America. This year's survey, despite having fewer voters than last year, was still a rousing success. I collected 46 ballots – 12 of which contained 100 entries – with 402 distinct wrestlers receiving votes. Before I start unveiling the results, why don't you all sit down and meet this year's crop of voters:

TH - Eh, no one special

Angelo Castillo - Official emissary from the Philippines and bringer of lumpia

David Kincannon - Co-author of Irresistible vs. Immovable and the Aiden English of the wrestling blogger world

Alex Torres - Contributor at both Pro Wrestling Ponderings and Free Pro Wrestling and slayer of Mothra

Philip Rosenbaum - Official Wrestling Bro and possibly a shark

Andrew Smith - TWB enthusiast and owner of the plainest name among all voters

Jesse Powell - TWB superfan and someone I owe a life-debt to after watching Christmas Bounty in my stead

Martin Bentley - International jet-setting wrestling maven and for some reason, a lot taller than he sounds

Joseph Roche - Author of both the blog Wrestling Is Fun and the Beyond Wrestling newsletter, and once went ten rounds with a wallaby (It was a split decision; the bout was in Australia)

Samuel DiMascio - Podcaster at 4 Corners Radio, serial 2CW booster, and someone who owes me a punch to the gut for insinuating he looked like The Miz at National Pro Wrestling Day

Chris Harrington - Wrestling writer at What Culture and the Billy Beane of the wrestling world

Brandon Rohwer - TWB liker and currently being choked by Andre the Giant

Ryan Kilma - TWB appreciator and rumored to have ridden a moose from Winnipeg to Thunder Bay and back

Mike F. - Philadelphia native and Pitt alumnus who will fight anyone who takes Sheetz over Wawa. Or is it the other way around? I DON'T KNOW

Bill Hanstock - SB Nation staff writer, Scientific Podcast Goes Boink co-host, and eater of way too many Doritos Locos tacos

Joey O. - DJ at Y-Not Radio and someone who is probably too hip to be hanging out with us nerds

Tristan Wolfe - Curator of Explorations in Pro Wrestling and future Chopped judge

Rob Pandola - CZW booster and owner of at least three pairs of Hammer pants

Cewsh - Managing editor of Cewsh Reviews and suspected animagus

Frank McCormick - Derriere aficionado and serial wrestling show attendee

John Rosenberger - Certified Wrestle Bro and supporter of THE WRONG NHL PLAYOFF TEAM, BUDDY

Tom Blackett - Wrestling on Earth co-conspirator and secret admirer of the Stone Cold foam middle finger

Mike Pankowski - Verified Wrestle Bro and strongest Strong Island Bro not named the Big O

Ian Greenleafs - TWB mega-booster and Xavier Woods' stalker

Dylan Hales - Liar, fraud, co-host of the Wrestling Culture podcast, and co-founder of this list

Rich Thomas - Co-host of the International Object podcast who drives 2,857miles every week just so he can get some damn Wawa coffee

Chris McDonald - TWB devotee and Austin taco scene speculator

Joey Splashwater - Co-auteur at Wrestling on Earth and a not-so-typical ROH fan

Robot Hammer - Benevolent automated wrestling fan-simulator whose programming includes code for the elimination and disintegration of CM Punk… err, I mean hello

Steve Hummer - Another Philly-to-Pitt-U dude and only person on Twitter who's avatar reminds me of King Crimson's debut album cover without actually BEING that album cover

Willow Maclay - Neophyte wrestling fan who just started watching this year and went back and watched a bunch of 2013 stuff to participate. No smart-ass comment necessary, that feat is AWESOME.

Scott T. Holland - Staff Rumble statistician, co-scribe at Irresistible vs. Immovable, and continually covered in giardiniere

Brandon Spears - TWB zealot and owner of the world's largest kidney stone (he didn't pass it, he just bought it)

Brock Lutefisk - Staff Sid biographer who has been packed in lye and eaten in the winter months by Nordic-Americans in the upper Midwest

Andrew Rosin - Writer at Bucky's 5th Quarter who knows the air speed of an unladen swallow, both African AND European

De O'Brien - Contributor at Drop Toehold and world's second coolest grandmother (no one beats Jane Seymour, and even she'll admit that)

Brandon Bosh - Maven behind False Underdog who is actually a Labrador retriever in real life

TJ Hawke - Contributor to 411 Wrestling, head bee guy at Free Pro Wrestling, and totally not Alex Torres in disguise

George Hazar - Indie wrestling's most visible gadfly and purveyor of Naked Finlay

J K - Comments on the blog as "Peter Parker" but hasn't specified whether he built his web shooters or whether he can shoot them organically from his wrists

Rich Kraetsch - Co-manager at Voices of Wrestling but the only one who doesn't hear the voices in his head

Pablo Alva - TWB devotee and the only voter who hasn't denied that he's an anthropomorphic hot dog yet

Dan McQuade - Freelance writer, contributing editor to Philadelphia Magazine, and most popular write-in candidate for Philadelphia city dog catcher five years running

Zach Brown - TWB habitué with a half-life of 23,000 years

Danielle Matheson - Curator of The Mandible Claw, host of its titular podcast, and person voted most likely to start a religion based on the Submission Squad

Brandon Stroud - Managing editor of With Leather/UPROXX Sports and future founder of a cover band whose only song is "World Gone Wild"

Joe Kearns - TWB maniac and only ballot which was forgotten until the last minute and God I am so sorry will you ever forgive me

Now that I have introduced the voters this year, I will now present the wrestlers who received votes, but who did not qualify for the list. The players here are listed in decreasing value of points, meaning the first wrestler listed was the closest to making the list:

Heath Slater
Dasher Hatfield
Mark Briscoe
Chiva Kid/Andrew Everett
Josh Alexander
Titus O'Neil
Uhaa Nation
Erick Rowan
Mercedes Martinez
Wade Barrett
The Shard
Portia Perez
Gary Jay
Tommaso Ciampa
Mike Bennett
Brie Bella
Rob van Dam
Akira Tozawa
Kurt Angle
Jervis Cottonbelly
Anthony Nese
Jimmy Jacobs
Chris Sabin
Willie Mack
Darren Young
Bobby Fish
Vordell Walker
Triple H
Shane Hollister
Max Smashmaster
Madison Eagles
Bayley/Davina Rose
Aiden English
Kyle Matthews
Nikki Bella
James Storm
Samuray del Sol
Mike Cruz
Jojo Bravo
Louis Lyndon
Jay Lethal
Allysin Kay
Leo Kruger
Cedric Alexander
El Hijo del Ice Cream
The Miz
Nicole Matthews
Matt Tremont
Joey Ryan
Saraya Knight
Ivelisse Velez
Sasha Banks
Tyson Kidd
Jeff Hardy
Kenny King
Big LG
Pretty Peter Avalon/Norv Fernum
Latvian Proud Oak
Santino Marella
Gran Akuma
Kellie Skater
Addy Starr
Matthew Palmer
Sugar Dunkerton
Timothy Thatcher
Mia Yim
El Torito
Damien Wayne
Silas Young
Brian Cage
Mickie James
Shane Strickland
Christina von Eerie
Rickey Shane Page
Hunico/Sin Cara
Jeremy Wyatt
Paul Heyman
Missile Assault Ant
Necro Butcher
Chris Masters
2 Cold Scorpio
Barbi Hayden
Ice Cream, Jr.
Drew McIntyre
Jushin "Thunder" Liger
Ricky Starks
Alexander Rusev
KT Hamill
Ray Rowe
Taryn Terrell
Ayumi Kurihara
Gregory Iron
Joe Pittman
Lithuanian Snow Troll
Jonathan Gresham
Scott Parker
Heidi Lovelace
Jeremiah Plunkett
Dan Barry
Evan Gelistico
Eric Young
Leva Bates
Marion Fontaine
Harlem Bravado
Jake Davis
Player Uno
Zema Ion
Lancelot Bravado
Thomas Shire
Primo Colon/Diego
Alicia Fox
Matt Cage
Jason Kincaid
Drew Haskins
Mojo Rawley
Lance Archer
Tamina Snuka
Bill Carr
Christian Rose
Shane Matthews
Mark Andrews
Prince Ali
Matt Cross
Jeff Cobb
Shaun Tempers
Cyrus the Destroyer
Orange Cassidy
Colin Cassady
Tracey Smothers
RJ Brewer
Rick Victor/Viktor
Connor O'Brien/Konnor
Chase Owens
Danny Havoc
Glaad Badd
Yoshi Tatsu
Greek God Papadon
Tomoka Nakagawa
Robbie E
Mini Park
Pete Dunne
Zeb Colter
Petey Williams
Darin Corbin
Bobby Beverly
Fred Yehi
The Rock
John Silver
Ricardo Rodriguez/El Local
Tommy End
Ayako Hamada
Jerry Lynn
Jake Crist
Brian Kendrick
Tom Pritchard
Matt Hardy
Brian Rivers
Enzo Amore
Rachel Summerlyn
Anthony Stone
Amazing Red
Super Nova
Jesse Godderz
Super Crazy
Brother D-Von
Hurricane Helms
Mathieu St. Jacques
Justin Gabriel
Eric Corvis
Josh Prohibition
BJ Whitmer
Corey Graves
Jinder Mahal
Juan Francisco de Coronado
TaDarius Thomas
Tomahawk TT
Jewells Malone
Dave Crist
Orbit Adventure Ant
Player Dos/Stupefied
John Hennigan
Brodus Clay
Xavier Woods
Michael Tarver
Sam Shields
Great Khali
Rockstar Spud
Chris Hamrick
Zack Ryder
Alex Colon
Colin Delaney
Monsta Mack
Mr. Anderson
Preston Quinn
Alex Reynolds
EJ Risk
Michael Dante
David Otunga
Eric Ryan
Rudy Boy Riley
Oleg the Usurper
Malice Oceans
Dan Maff
Barrett Brown
Logan Black
Andrew Alexander
Little Guido
Pierre Abernathy
Angel Ortiz
Mike Draztik
Seleziya Sparx
CJ Parker
Rocky Romero
Alex Koslov
Blaster McMassive
Arctic Rescue Ant
Mat Fitchett
Vanessa Kraven
Tyson Dux
Steam Powered Tentacle Boulder
Afa Jr.
Dan Lawrence
Totally Radical Steven Person
LA Smooth
Mason Ryan
Martin Causus
Ray Gonzalez
Thomas Dubois
Taylor Made
Jon Malus
CW Anderson
Flip Kendrick
Ricky Morton
Curt Hawkins
Aaron Epic
Sonjay Dutt
Eva Marie
Lince Dorado
Scot Summers
Adam Jacobs
Shingo Takagi
Invader I
Robert Gibson
Jack Jameson
Scott Dawson
Mike Rollins
Nasty Russ Myers
Caleb Konley
Johnny Viper
Carlos Colon
Hiroyo Matsumoto
Jocephus Brody
Angelus Layne
Proletariat Boar of Moldova
Cherry Bomb
Keith Hamill
Courtney Rush
New Jack

Tomorrow, the list starts with number 100.