Monday, April 7, 2014

The One Where I Talked about the Undertaker's Final WrestleMania Win

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Episode 21: CM Punk

Robert Fuller of Lo-Down Wrestling was gracious enough to have me on his series of podcasts on The Streak again, this time for last year's match against CM Punk. We talk about the build-up and whether the story crossed any lines after Paul Bearer's death. We also discuss why having Paul Heyman as a manager for Punk was a brilliant move and how it figured into this match, as well as whether The Streak should ever be broken. Obviously, we recorded this show before said Streak was broken last night by Brock Lesnar though. Anyway, give it a listen, and give all his episodes a try too. He's had a lot of really cool people on to talk Undertaker rasslin' matches at Mania.