Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Flood of Time: Jacobs vs. Peck Signed for Easton

Graphics Credit: ChikaraPro.com
Well, I whiffed on predicting Jimmy Jacobs' debut match as the leader of the Flood, but the alternatives seem to be on the same level at the very least. Icarus getting his shot at the Grand Championship at You Only Live Twice in Easton was announced last week. As for Jacobs, he will get the next logical first opponent for him in Archibald Peck. The Leader of The Band has been scarce around these parts since his unmasking from the Mysterious and Handsome Stranger cowl, but it wasn't fruitless. He was able to return, with 3.0, from Parts Unknown and help save the day at National Pro Wrestling Day.

Anyway, if you want to see that match, and all the other ones as well, for free, then you have a chance via the site Body Slam Your Brain. If you head to the contests page, you can sign up for this one, and all future contests, but enrolling in the site's free eNewsletter. If you don't win a free Internet pay-per-view order of You Only Live Twice, don't fret. You can still win the consolation prize of the finals of Wrestling Is Fun!'s Tag World Grand Prix finals also taking place on iPPV the night before.