Thursday, May 22, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Join the Pod, or the Swarm... Join 'Em Both

Today is the birthday of one Daniel Bryan, or Bryan Danielson if you will. Bryan may be the biggest wrestler in the world right now, but a day not too far in the past, he was a dolphin, along with Paul London. Hybrid Dolphins was the name of the team, and the two stormed Pro Wrestling Guerrilla's annual DDT4 tournament, which used to be later in the year than January and happened to fall on Danielson's birthday in 2009. Basically, this promo was about as close to a stoner comedy as one could get in professional wrestling without out and out saying that the principals involved were toking. I always thought Bryan was drug free anyway, but maybe he just couldn't keep a straight face when London was doing his thing. Either way, this little skit is hilarious and a piece of evidence to disprove everyone who thinks Bryan only developed personality after he got to WWE.