Friday, July 11, 2014

The Polling Place: Renee Young, Brock Lesnar, World Cup

Is Young good behind the desk?
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Welcome to this week's edition of the Polling Place, where I ask the questions, and you pick from the field of answers which I furnish to you. This week's leadoff concerns everyone's favorite Canadian backstage interviewer, Renee Young. She's been getting reps at the broadcast booth down at NXT, and now, she's at the desk on Superstars. While her fandom of wrestling is unquestionable, and her chops as a backstage interviewer are tight, she's garnered mixed reviews behind the mic at the announcers' table. What is your opinion on Young as a color commentator?

Next up, the four-way match at Battleground for the WWE World Championship feels largely irrelevant because Brock Lesnar looms large at SummerSlam. Every rumor has him taking the title and holding it through WrestleMania. However, would a largely absentee Champion be beneficial to WWE right now? Unless Vince McMahon opens his checkbook up wide, Lesnar is not going to be working regular dates for the company. With that in mind, should he win the title?

Finally, the World Cup Championship match is on Sunday. On one side, the Germans have lit their path on fire, scoring blowout victories in the opening match of group play against Spain and most recently in the semifinal match against Brazil. On the other, Argentina may boast the best soccer player in the world today in Lionel Messi. Who ya got?