Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Who Took the Hammer?

Losing the Thunder Frog has not gotten any easier over the last month
Photo Credit: TH
The Estonian Thunder Frog, the sweet, kind, gargantuan amphibian with the Herculean strength, he was sent back to the Baltic States on his White Ship of Peace far too soon. He may not have been the first casualty of this war between Chikara and The Flood, but his loss looms the largest. However, he has left one relic behind, one that no one theoretically would be able to lift but him, his hammer. However, at the end of the following, seemingly innocuous video tribute, a pair of hands is seen grabbing AND picking up said hammer. WHO COULD IT BE? Watch the video and see if you recognize the hands.

I could not discern whose hands picked up the hammer. Trying to identify someone from his or her forearms and fists is pretty difficult unless that person had some kind of identifier that I may not have picked up on. The title of the video, however, suggests that this person who has inherited the weapon of thunder may not be the biggest or strongest. Maybe that person is the purest of heart. So would the inheritor then be Icarus? Hallowicked? UltraMantis Black? Someone completely different that no one is considering?

Or what if the darkest timeline is still where Chikara resides, and the one who lifted the hammer was from The Flood? What if worthiness had nothing to do with the side that the holder was fighting on, but rather the conviction of heart? I have a bad feeling about all of this, especially if the one who wields the hammer now is an ideologue of death and destruction, the one who put the Frog out of his misery in the first place.

However, maybe the amphibious warrior for peace is not truly gone. His former tag team partner, best friend, and World's Sweetest Man Jervis Cottonbelly has taken up arms to attempt bringing the Estonian Thunder Frog back onto this plane, and his search has been public via his Twitter account:
Whatever quest Mr. Cottonbelly is on, he seems to be getting close to his endgame. While I want the Thunder Frog back more than anything in the world of wrestling that I could want to happen, I am not sure one should necessarily go barking up the tree of dark magics. My dear bride watches a show called Once Upon a Time, and the one phrase I remember hearing ad nauseam whenever I'm in the room with her as she's watching it is that "Magic always comes with a price." If the Thunder Frog were to be resurrected, would the Cottonbelly and the rest of the Chikaraverse necessarily like what they see? Would he even be the same? Then again, I guess trying wouldn't hurt...