Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Saved You a Kliq

Saved You a Kliq is too sweet
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Wrestling news is a tricky get. Either you have to pay money for insider sites or newsletters, or you take your chances going to aggregator sites that plagiarize those dirt sheets or plagiarize each other. The free content oftentimes gets changed from the original reporter's wording, and then the news item is copied ad nauseam on sites around the web, whether it be Rajah, Lords of Pain, or whatever other "NEWZ" site happens to exist. Then it's placed under a click-bait headline designed to get you to give the site a hit, even if the news is something as banal as Brodus Clay's opinion on John Cena's opinion of Randy Orton or a nebulous rumor that amounts to the phrase "plans are up in the air."

The phenomenon of click-bait is not necessarily confined to wrestling, of course. Sites everywhere, from the most lampoonable outfits like Buzzfeed and Upworthy to even reputable sites such as Slate and the Gawker network, have attention grabbing headlines that often lead to pointless essays with recaps that can be summarized in fewer than 140 characters. Someone had the idea to combat the phenomenon first solely for Huffington Post (@HuffPoSpoilers) and later for the web in general (@SavedYouAClick). Now, some enterprising soul has taken the task of wading through the misleading headlines, fluff links, and general click-bait for the wrestling world.

Saved You a Kliq, a play on the Saved You a Click account with the name of the infamous Shawn Michaels-led backstage troupe, wades through all the aggregator sites and gives you the main point of the news items so you don't have to click every single item that looks too good to be anything worthwhile. If you want to know all the rumors, original plans that were changed, and whims of Vince McMahon without giving multiple clicks to sites with overbearing ads and potential malware installations, then you need to be following @savedyouakliq.