Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Allow Me to Introduce You to Your New Favorite Twitter Account

@TheRkoVines wants you to imagine that Jack Swagger is a dude falling off his bike here
Photo Credit: WWE.com
@TheRkoVines on Twitter

Videos of people taking pratfalls - intentional or not - have been popular for decades. For whatever reason, physical comedy is a hot seller, even when the victim doesn't really intend to spill over into personal harm. What could make the most extreme examples of falling over better? Superimposing Randy Orton giving that person his patented RKO OUT OF NOWHERE. The folks behind the RKO Vines Twitter account have given the world that gift.

The phenomenon has been around for awhile, but in addition to creating its own variations on the theme, the account is collating other people's efforts into turning stunt failures into hilariously absurd executions on the RKO. The following is my favorite one so far, but follow these guys if you want to see the funniest that Orton will ever be, at least on purpose and without his express knowledge.