Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A British Adaptation of an American Angle? I Thought It Worked the Other Way Around!

Neville got got by Wade Barrett
Photo Credit: WWE.com
Nearly two years ago, Mark Henry showed up on RAW and feigned retirement (in a stylish salmon sports coat) in order to rope-a-dope John Cena into giving him a shot at the WWE Championship. Now, video at a live event in England has shown a stunning recreation of that story featuring Wade Barrett and Adrian Neville. Video is after the jump:

Of course, Neville has no title that Barrett can go after, but adaptations of famous television shows always change a few things. Usually though, it's an American network that's adapting a BBC show for its airwaves, not the other way around. However, the effect was similar, maybe even more profound since the guy getting womped as the payoff, Neville, is a bit more popular in front of English crowds than Cena is in front of, well, any grouping of people.