Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Bunny vs. Teddy Roosevelt

The Bunny may need more than these Rosebuds' affections to overcome Teddy Roosevelt...
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The Washington Nationals conduct "President Races" at their home games, where people get into gaudy mascot costumes of various former Presidents of the United States and race to the finish. Monday was Major League Baseball's opening day, and the Nats were at home. However, one Presidential competitor was jumped from behind, literally, by a guy in a bunny costume, as documented by Kissing Suzy Kolber's Mike Tunison. Then again, that bunny costume looks pretty familiar. In fact, it looks like one that wrestling fans saw for a good portion of 2014. Could the bunny assailant actually be The Bunny from the Rosebuds?

One could say that no, it was just a promotion the Nats ran that coincided with Easter Sunday. But why would the Easter Bunny attack a former President? Orthodox Easter isn't until this coming Sunday, so why would Russia risk its own celebration a week beforehand? ISIS doesn't celebrate Easter at all. It all makes sense when you realize that the assailant was actually Adam Rose's antagonistic leporine companion. The Bunny has fallen on hard times lately. His TV time has fallen off now that Rose has been reduced to "feuding" with Zack Ryder on Twitter. Guy's gotta get juice somehow.

But is picking on Teddy Roosevelt the best idea? He was an outdoorsman of a President. He could kill a buffalo with his bare hands! But maybe that was the point. The Bunny is taking revenge for all his fauna buddies whom Teddy R has slain. Now, I'm not the scoops guy - Horb will be back later today with those - but I wouldn't be surprised to see them headline Extreme Rules. Or not.