Monday, May 18, 2015

And the Best Blood of the Last Week Goes to...

Nick Jackson, right, wore a crimson mask for the worthiest of opponents
Photo Credit: Scott Finkelstein
Roderick Strong no doubt accidentally bled at War of the Worlds night 2. Last night, Dolph Ziggler bled, although the way it figured into the match called into question whether they called an audible on the finish to fit in with the hardway juice or whether it was secretly planned all along. However, none of the two could have held a candle to Nick Jackson's show of color.

See, I told you Dora the Explorer could NOT BE TRUSTED. Although I will have to grade the entire sequence on merit of the entirety of action. Jackson's daughter suffers from a deficiency in selling that a lot of wrestlers her age seem to go through. I'm telling you, no one should pop right up after five F5s, but my son acts like this is all supposed to be staged. HOW COULD HE?

Anyway, as much as I hate the "good brother" shtick and the existence of the Bullet Club on the whole, the Young Bucks are still perhaps the greatest tag team in the universe right now, and they're both devoted fathers to their kids. What better way to show that than by getting busted open on Vine for them? Father of the year material right there for the younger Jackson brother.