Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Front Page Nick Gage

Yup, it's real
Photo Credit: David Lee Preston
For those who live in the Philadelphia area and still pick up the daily newspaper, you might be welcomed to a surprise on the front page this morn. Nick Gage, the Combat Zone Wrestling superstar who has just gotten out of a four year prison sentence for robbing a bank, made the very front of the Philadelphia Daily News. The story, which you can read here, is pretty inspirational and moving for a dude who defines the deathmatch side of CZW. Gage actually seems to have used prison to rehabilitate himself, not just from crime, but from the drug addiction that led him to the bank robbery that sent him to jail in the first place.

The fact that an indie dude made the front cover of the Daily News is huge in its own right. Wrestling rarely gets put anywhere but in the entertainment or even sports section of the paper. Even WWE has had to struggle to get coverage in the rag. The last time a wrestler appeared on the front page was when Owen Hart died, so this Gage story is a pretty big deal, even for a dying medium such as newsprint.

Gage has also discovered Twitter. It's not exactly safe for life, but it's good for some unintentionally funny bluntness. Some tweets make me cringe, but others are downright awesome in how deadpan they are. This one's probably my favorite:
It's good to be the king, I guess.