Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Matt Bloom and Sara Amato Are Officially Your One-Two Atop the WWE Training Hierarchy

The former Albert/Tensai will be the new head trainer for the Performance Center
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WWE has confirmed what has been reported for awhile now, that Matt Bloom (aka Jason Albert, fka Lord Tensai, Giant Bernard, Albert, and Prince Albert) will be replacing Bill DeMott as head trainer at the WWE Performance Center. The announcement also brought news that Sara Amato, better known from her days as Sara del Rey, has been promoted to the title of Assistant Head Coach. Amato will also be on the road as a producer and agent for the main roster, so her plate is about as full as mine when I go to a smorgasbord in Amish country.

Ever since Bloom took over his role in an interim capacity, morale at the Performance Center has been reported as rising. If even an eighth of the accusations of impropriety against DeMott are true, then the rise in happiness is easy to see. He'll be taking over at a critical time in developmental's history. The stakes have never been higher now that NXT is a televised property used as a selling point for The Network. He'll have a fine consigliere in Amato, under whose tutelage wrestlers such as Charlotte and Alexa Bliss have gone from awkward to downright competent at the very least.

Speaking of NXT, Triple H held a conference call yesterday in which he noted a desire to split the NXT house show schedule in Florida to have two shows on a given night. The main show would feature the TV angles and big stars, while the "B" show would feature wrestlers who still need to use the brand as a developmental feature. That news clears the picture as to whether NXT is the premium brand or the developmental project a little, although Trips also said he still sees the arm as a means to get talent ready for the main show. The way the top name talent has been trickling to the main roster this year so far, that plan is sounding like it makes a whole mess of sense.