Monday, May 4, 2015

Meet the Business Casual Wolfman

Photo Credit: Peyton Mitchell
When one thinks of Iowa, thoughts start to drift towards fields of corn, the world's biggest truck stop, loose meat sandwiches, and the infinite malaise towards the Hawkeye football team. However, the state does have its own wrestling promotions, and one of them, 3XW has quite the unusual competitor. Meet Business Casual Wolfman, a lupine wrestler who comes to the ring in slacks, a t-shirt, and a sport coat, and who automatically is my new favorite wrestler. Of course, the question to ask is what kind of beast the Wolfman is. Is  he a true werewolf, and thus can only appear when the moon is full? Is he an animagus who can change form at will? Or is he an actual wolf/human hybrid?

Questions of identity aside, the Business Casual Wolfman already has a potentially perfect opponent waiting for him one state to the north. As documented before, the Estonian Farmer Frog has been mining the state of Minnesota for opponents. While it's assumed he's the Thunder Frog with a wicked case of amnesia and thus is only waiting to snap out of it and rejoin the Chikaraverse. But before that happens, someone, anyone, needs to book him against the Business Casual Wolfman. I need to see it for... reasons.