Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Curb Stomp Is Kaput

Don't expect to see this anymore, at least for the time being
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Rumors abounded after WrestleMania that Seth Rollins' finisher, the Curb Stomp, was going away. He debuted a funky, weird looking DDT move the RAW after the rumor broke, but he's settled into using the Pedigree as a move bequeathed to him by Triple H himself. No official word broke as to the move's ban, but the fact that it was edited out of Roman Reigns' Mania backstage doc that came out right after was telling. Well, finally, Rollins officially confirmed that he will be going away from the finish in an interview, which you can see after the jump:

He didn't say the reason why he's transitioned away from the finish. I would love it if the reason was solely so he could get more over as a top villain by burrowing more and more into the sniveling trust fund baby of the Authority niche. That reason is the only reason anyone needs. Wrestling is about drawing reactions, and the Pedigree gets the one WWE wants out of Rollins. The Curb Stomp? I love the move, but it's a total good-guy-lightning-strike finish that can be used as both a flash outta-nowhere style equalizer or an emphatic exclamation point. When Rollins goes back to the role he's more suited to playing (in my opinion, of course), then going back to the Stomp would be good.

And he could go back one day, because he said, "Never say never." Right now, it's all about the Pedigree, which I can't complain about. Still, sometimes I wonder if the move really was banned for concussion reasons, as part of the lawsuit, or even because Vince McMahon FINALLY got around to seeing American History X and didn't want the Nazi murder maneuver's name attached to one of his wrestlers, good or bad. I guess in the end that it doesn't matter, because the current situation fits him.