Friday, May 29, 2015

The Secret to John Cena's Kickouts

Cena has been training to get them kickouts on point
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John Cena has always been, in a word, overpowered. One would have to be a bit harder to defeat to get to the level he has in WWE's hierarchy. But lately, he's been a bit harder to kill, which is understandable. The man has to come off a little more invincible-seeming in order to give his United States Championship Challenge a bit more mystique. The kickouts, especially out of finishers, have come a bit more frequently. The normal explanation would be to say "LOL Cena," especially against the rogue's gallery of midcarders, non-carders (hi Zack Ryder), and NXT dudes who've answered. However, Cena took to Twitter yesterday to give a better explanation for his sudden rise in kickout rate:

First thing's first, that's a lot of weight there. Second, this kind of thing is what Twitter was made for in terms of wrestling, character development, and the like. Everyone seems to love the guys who take to Twitter to "shoot" out-of-character, but when a wrestler stays in character and adds mystique to it, then it's the best possible thing. Any great hobby or interest can be improved by a self-immersive experience, but wrestling's the only one that can use social media to bring its characters to life without it seeming hokey. Of course, since it is Cena doing it, he won't get a whole lot of brownie points from a lot of people, but regardless of how many people to whom the "CENA SUCKS!" chants are real, the man is where he's at for a valid reason.