Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Japanese Network Special Has a Name Now

Lesnar will try not to destroy Tokyo when he's there for The Beast in the East
Photo Credit: WWE.com
WWE's live July 4 special, airing at 6:30 AM Eastern time, has a name now. The show will be called The Beast in the East, and the featured wrestler, as expected, is Brock Lesnar. Of course, preposition use here is key, as if you changed the "in" to a "from," you'd have Bam Bam Bigelow. In a related note, how awesome would a peak Bigelow vs. current Lesnar match be? HOSS FIGHTS FOR DAYS. Anyway, it's great to have a name to refer to the show to instead of "WWE Japanese live special."

While Lesnar's match hasn't been announced officially by WWE yet, he's currently slated to take on New Day's Kofi Kingston. Before Money in the Bank, I might have thought the match would have gone on as is without any hitch, but New Day's ascension to the top did not happen as predicted. Lesnar's opponent being changed would not be surprising at all. Currently, the only match announced for the show is the NXT World Championship contest between Kevin Owens and Finn Bálor. If the rumors of Owens' permanence on the main roster are true, expect a title change here.

While the early start time might scare off some viewer from watching live, the show will be available on demand on the Network as soon as it ends. Fans of New Japan Pro Wrestling actually might see the start time as late since they get up sometimes at 3 or 4 AM. But this event is so unique that it feels like a same-day watch, even if you just throw it on after the fireworks.